2020 Yearling Sale September 15 noon.

Another year of surprises has passed since our last yearling sale. To be fair it’s been a year from hell for most. Covid, Drought and now politicians have all converged to make farming particularly difficult, especially for those with land in the Low Slope zones, and even more so those who have hill country that has somehow been captured in the low slope maps, how did that happen?

Anyway, one thing you can depend on is coming to our yearling sale and finding a great line up of 89 bulls for heifer matings, and also bulls for Mixed Age cow matings.

Each year the line-up gets better and the outcomes more and more predictable, as we stabilise half our herd specifically for ease of calving. This year the 70 or so heifer bulls have an average birth weight ebv of 1.4, which places many of these bulls in the top 5% of Australasia for this trait. The top 70 bulls ranked by Calving Ease Direct average 7.6, which as an average, is in the top 15% of the breed across all of Australasia.

We encourage people to give heifer mating a go, as it is an effective way of making your cattle enterprise much more profitable without a lot of extra input. For breeders that haven’t done it before, we have conservative heifer bulls with very low birth weights and short gestations to use. The heritability of birth weight and gestation is very high, in fact out of all the traits measured by ebvs, Gestation has the highest heritability of 65%, so we can say with confidence, that if you grow your heifers out well, and use the correct bull for your circumstances, you can successfully calve heifers as 2 year olds. Anyway, there’s plenty of information to look at in the catalogue, look at our website or call if you would like one sent to you. We hope to see you on 15 September, sale starts at noon. Please feel free to come and view bulls, or, look up the catalogue by clicking here.