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Angus Herd

The Totaranui Angus Herd consists of 350 breeding cows. All progeny are fully recorded which includes weighing every calf within 24 hours of birth. A 400 cow commercial herd is run on Puke Te (east of Masterton).

Breeding Philosophy

We understand the drivers of beef herd profitability, we run 700 females within our business. No class of stock converts rough surplus grass into money better than cows - but they have to thrive and be fertile to be profitable. Progeny must be easy to finish, producing quality, high yielding carcasses. 

For close to 20 years now a Totaranui cow must have been in calf as a yearling – no exceptions. Then she must get into calf every year. She has to do her job on the farm cleaning up for the ewes – her place is behind the ewe rotation. Selection pressure is high. If she can’t bounce back after a hard winter and spring she is out. And she’s got to let us pick up her calf immediately after calving, weigh and tag it without being unfriendly, or she’s culled. It’s not easy being a Totaranui cow.

The Totaranui bulls inherently have these qualities; they will sire fast finishing steers, and pass on valuable maternal traits to make your herd more profitable. 

In sire selection there is no compromise in structural soundness. We have a strong focus on 400 day and carcass weight, and carcass traits. We search locally and globally – simple population genetics: the bigger the population base the better the chance of finding cross-trait excellence.


Angus for sale

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Daimien Reynolds and Tally Jackson
email >> bulls@totaranuistud.co.nz
phone >> (06) 376 8400
mobile >> 021 430 710
John and Mary Anne Jackson
phone >> (03) 573 8401

Totaranui Studs
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