Kauri KMBB295 (Kauri Downs)

We bought this bull from Kauri Downs as a yearling and paid top dollar for him. He looked the part but we really bought him for his data spread, taking a bit of a punt and he has grown out into a magnificent bull, phenotypically and datawise. We are very pleased with him, and need to use him more going forward to take advantage of his class.

Waitangi L204

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We bought this bull at the National, he was the reserve champion in 2017. Good tempered with Intensity's performance. He had a perfect foot score in his presale structural assessment, and has gone on to have a great impact on our herd, producing young females we have confidence in.

Lotto Esslemont

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An incredibly powerful carcass trait bull. Top 10% across many traits, including top 1% of the breed in Australasia for both indexes. This bull has so much to offer the breed, both to stud operators and commercial.

Rennylea L508

A bull with an excellent data spread that has bred really well for us. He is a curve bender, low birth weight but with good above breed average growth, good fats and excellent IMF.

Clunes Crossing Dusty M13 (AI)(IMP AUS)

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An Australian power bull with cross trait excellence. We are keen to see what the progeny are like, such is the expectation that a bull like this creates. He is in the top ten bulls of the Australian bench marking programme, across all 10 cohorts.


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John likes the Quaker Hill line Mile High comes from, particularly from a phenotype point of view. They are smart bulls. Mile High also has excellent genotype; growth, fertility and carcass traits.

Bubs Southern Charm AA31

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John saw this bull in the States and liked his presence and phenotype. He is of a slightly bigger frame score, has a very thick and deep carcass and has the carcass attributes we are looking for without giving up growth and carcass weight, or phenotype.

Sydgen Enhance 5209

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A bull that has a big inpact in the States. he is the definition of high accuracy, multi-trait superiority, ranking #1 on the Main Sire list for Combined Value Index.  His data is rock solid based on over 2,500 progeny reported from 300 plus herds. High fertility sire with outstanding Docility. Unmatched performance profile featuring elite Calving Ease, Growth, Docility and Marbling genetics with 19 traits that rank in the top 25% of the breed in the States.

Sydgen Exceed

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A bull that has had a big impact in the States. His temperament is excellent, as is his general phenotype and calving ease. He is also a marbling bull. We sold most of his sons at the yearling sale, a few with potential for the 2yo sale were kept through and are very pleasing bulls to be offered for sale.

GAR Ashland

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Ashland has crossed into the proven bull category. When you search the American Angus Association database, he is the only bull in the breed with his level of calving ease, growth, marbling and muscle.

Jindra Acclaim

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Acclaim is long and thick, with a lot of depth. His dataset is out of this world. He offers calving ease with exceptional growth and maternal strength.

Connealy Legendary 644L

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