Welcome to the Totaranui Stud website

Totaranui has a breeding herd of 550 fully recorded Angus cows, run in a very commercial hill country environment. We have up to 200 bulls for sale every year and specialise in two areas, low birth weight heifer mating bulls, and high performance carcass trait cattle, bred to meet the requirements of niche markets requiring highly marbled, tender beef…this is where we see the future of beef once commodity beef looses value to manufactured beef and other threats to our current farming environment, such as consumer preference and diet changes in response to climate change. Its a tough world out there and we’ve got to be thinking ahead all the time. It takes at least ten years to make a significant change in the genetics of a herd. Start now!

Eat Dirt and Thrive!

By Daimien Reynolds As quality beef producers, we need to start getting ready for quite a different global environment in the years to come. Covid 19 has been a truly global event, there is no doubt the impacts of the event are going to be profound and far reaching. It will change people’s behaviour at … Read more Eat Dirt and Thrive!