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Welcome to Totaranui Stud

It’s no easy life for the Totaranui cow.  She must calve as a two-year-old and her docility is paramount, ensuring we can tag and weigh her calf immediately after calving.

She spends the hard winter months behind the ewes, cleaning up the pastures, just as the commercial farmer would expect of her.  

She must bounce back every year and get in calf again – if she doesn’t she’s down the road.

The Totaranui bulls inherently have these qualities; they will sire fast-finishing steers and pass on valuable maternal traits to your herd.

Profitability is the bottom line and the Totaranui bloodlines grow fast, have a high yield and marbling, and consequently qualify for premiums that are consistently delivering up to $400 per head. 

2 Year Old Bull Sale
Friday 10th June, 1.30pm

Welcome to the June bull sale

We are pleased to present to you a great line-up of performance bulls this year. Here at Totaranui, we continue a primarily sheep based farming system in which the cows do a job, calve as 2 year olds and every year thereafter, otherwise they are culled. No carry overs.

AngusPRO Education

The AngusPRO website has an educational feed that’s filled with useful insights into farming Angus cattle in the most profitable, efficient manner. There in information there on indexes, feed, bull selection and more